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Turkman Captives cover

I met Susan Williamson at a local book festival. Recognizing a shared passion for horses, I bought both her books, Turkmen Captives and Dead on the Trail from Second Wind Publishing.

Turkmen Captives is figuratively speaking, an explosive read. Madelaine Jones, the main character, is awakened by her father’s premonition warning scant moments before her house blows up. Narrowly escaping–on horseback–she begins on an incredible journey that will span three continents.

Armed with guts and a mysterious letter, and little else, she starts a trek to find out the truth to her husband’s death. Had he really died as a war casualty in Afghanistan as she was told? Or was he on a secret mission altogether? And what do the captives she encounters have to do with it?

Madelaine’s search leads her to the beautiful and famous Akhal-Teke horses. And into the arms of an Irish Garda named Simon, who appears to be on her side. So who is trying so persistently–and cleverly–to kill her as she travels across the globe in search of answers?

Turkmen Captives will leave you wondering all the way to the end. I enjoyed this story and eagerly plan to read her other book soon.


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