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It is autumn now; the days are shorter, wind and rain a bit more chillier, nights cooler, and everywhere I look I see brown. And I also see vibrant reds, oranges, yellows, and gold. The sky alternates between clear azure and dark swirls of greys and storm clouds.

The only time I enjoy all the reds and crimsons is on a gorgeous maple tree. Fall has been one of my favorite seasons for as long back as I can remember. It signifies an end to the sweltering hot summer and ushers in the holiday season with a colorful blaze of glory and excites the senses. Fall is great!

But recently I’ve also come to look at fall in a different light. I was speaking to a friend, and she mentioned how much she hated this time of year. Everything is dying, the grass is brown, the trees are losing all their green leaves and it was just depressing.

She had an argument. I could not deny the physical things she pointed out. But then I went a step further and added my thoughts on why the grass was brown and the trees lost their leaves.

Nature, in her infinite wisdom, was letting go. She was preparing herself for something better but first she had to let go of what she had. Nature is a wise tutor.

The grass has to stop growing, stop feeding, so the earth could rest. It would only be by letting go of this season’s blades, the earth could be prepared to regrown a fresh lawn next year.

The trees had to let go of their leaves, after giving them a fond fair-well of color. Some leaves released themselves quickly, skittering along their path of fate. Others hung on, stubborn and defiant to the wind shaking them from their lone posts on the branches. But resistance is futile and eventually all leaves whither and fall, becoming food or a blanket or some form of comfort to others on the ground. Once bare, the trees can rest, sleeping the winter away to bring forth new buds in the spring.

Renewal is great. We love to see flowering shrubs, blossoms sprouting forth from the ground, and warm sunshine splashing down on us. However, in order to enjoy all of those rich blessings, we first must share in the season of letting go. Then we experience the season of rest. Mother Nature slumbers, quiet, still, planning.

In light of that, I’ve been thinking I need to start letting go this fall, prepare myself for a mental slumber instead of a holiday rat-race, and plan for the day when I can burst forth rested and ready for a new season.

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favorite color is October

Yes, it’s true. October is my favorite color. Why? Well, for starters it’s the month I celebrate my birthday. As a kid, this was a big deal Not so much now but still a milestone in which I traditionally pause, reflect, take stock and perhaps shift direction if needed. Sadly, it usually is to some degree.

It means I have survived the blistering heat and endless sweating of summer. Most of the bugs have crawled or flown off to die. September, also a fantastic month in its own right, heralds autumn in, October crowns it. The trees lose the endless sea of green and almost overnight become topped in crimson, yellows and reds. In my mountain home, the sights are never less than breathtaking.

So that covers the transition part of the this post. It is time to winterize the house and yard and plan for the upcoming holidays. Already the stores have been warning us they are not far away. Now, what about the change?

Well, since annually I will be another year older it might be time to consider new ways to dress or wear my hair. Admittedly I have clothes in my closet, that I still wear, from 25 years ago. To my way of thinking, they may be a tad worn and faded, but they are still serviceable. And they still fit. What more can I really ask for? The pony tail days are long gone, but there are new styles to experiment with, to see which works to still remain easy as a pony tail yet be a little more professional. The added grey increases the challenge. But I earned them so I will keep them.

In this year alone, I made a lot of changes. I bought a house, bought another car, adopted a new dog. sold three more books for publication. Created a new blog. Learned how to forgive. Learned how to let go. (well, I’m getting much better at the last two) Learned a lot about me. This had been a big, long, fast, crazy and peaceful year.

No, I didn’t overlook the conflicts in the above paragraph. It has seemed like this year has been an endless series of conflicting this and that– emotions and experiences. Time flies, time crawls. I feel pressed and crazed, I feel utterly at peace. It just all depends.

As we leave summer behind, enter autumn’s colors and anticipate winter’s arrival, what do you think or observe this time of year? Any special memories or rituals?

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favorite color is October

October is truly one of my most favorite months. I mean, think about it. We have all the full benefits of fall, summer is a memory and winter is an expectation.

Personally, I get to celebrate my birthday in October. We all have the holidays to dream of and prepare for. Soon it will be time to cook a bird, or ham, and decorate and trim a tree.

Some of the things I like best about October is it is that it ushers in all sorts of wonderful things like winter reading, warm fuzzy sweaters, cups of tea or mugs of hot cocoa. Popcorn and glowing fireplaces. Lounging in our pajamas while snow drifts down outside the window.

But even before all that great stuff, October brings us fall colors, crunchy leaves, cool breezes and crisp apples. I can drool just thinking about caramel apples and apple cider. Pumpkin pie. Cinnamon.

However, right now all of that is taking a whole lot of imagination on my part. The thermometer on the fence reads 82 degrees. In October? It feels more like June or July than October. So I am dreaming of crisp breezes and but my sweaters are packed away and I am running about in shorts, t-shirt and bare feet–still.

Despite Mother Nature’s obvious seasonal confusion, I still love October and wait eagerly for the changing leaves and cool nights with cocoa while I plot my latest literary work-in-progress.  Maybe by then I’ll be wearing slippers and long pants!


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It’s that time of year again. The long hot sticky days of summer are finally fading into the memory of another year. Autumn is a promise on the distant horizon, but now finally close enough we can see its slow approach. Nights are cooler, breezes are more gusty and in a couple of weeks apples will once more be the highlight of festivals in my region. Leaves will soon turn their vibrant colors. The State Fair is just around the corner.

That means pumpkins, morning frost and the holidays will be not far behind. Once summer has loosened its hold and autumn is free to frolic is my favorite time of year. Winter will soon enter the scene as one season gently gives way to another.  And  each are a resplendent  time to read a book. Or several books.

autumn reading

The kids are back in school, yellow buses weave around the roads on their daily trek, community college brochures fill the mailbox. The time is ripe to increase our education.

Reading great literature is a fine way to increase our education. Reading most any quality literary work can do fine things for our education. It can teach us things we never knew, make us think outside our normal parameters, transport us to places and planes we have not been to and introduce us to people who already know what we did not.

So while I whittle away the last remaining days of summer stickiness, I write and read. I dream of the approaching fall season, destined to arrive just like the dependable schedule of a bus, train or ferry. I gaze upon the mountains rising above my home and wait for the vibrant colors to change the landscape into flaming torches of life.


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