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I know it’s been a minute or two since I last wrote and posted. I have a whole list of ideas to write about, and time just flies by without me getting around to it. Like everyone else, I’m busy. It seems like we were just in 2019, tipping our toes into 2020, and now incredibly we’re half way through the fifth month of 2021. Hard. To. Believe.

Does your day ever look like this:

Mine does.

It seems that I am always on the go, always on, always available. Anyone else able to relate to that? So to counteract the constant chaos and commitments, I have learned to look for–and be grateful for–those quiet blessings that come my way.

Everyone’s idea of quiet blessings might look different, but mine looks a little like this: a butterfly larking from flower to flower, sunlight streaming through the clouds, and the soft petals of a rosebud slowly opening. Dew on the morning grass. Fish lazily swimming in the pond. Wagging tail of a happy dog. Moonlight and twinkling stars. All some of my favorite things.

And I’ve learned quiet doesn’t necessarily mean no-noise. Quiet can be soft noise too. Birdsong. Gurgling brook. Rain. Porch swing chains. Chickens scratching in the dirt and chirping. I could listen to those noises all day long.

If only, right?

Another quiet blessing I have learned to treasure is just the opportunity to sit somewhere; a bench, a swing, a rock, and just be still. Quiet. Just breathe, just empty my mind. I don’t necessarily break into a meditation but I slow down my thoughts, my breathing, and everything else. Be still and breathe slowly, deeply, purposely. Isn’t that a blessing?

And what makes these events so special is, at least for me, their rarity.

Today an old friend texted for a quick catch up. Another friend stopped in to chat. I value both of these visits as precious blessings, albeit only one was “quiet”. Sometimes it’s just the smile from a friend or loved one, or a word to say hello. Knowing we are being thought of is blessing in itself.

So while most of us are required to be part of the motion train, in one form or another, be sure to step away once in a while and take time to notice the small, quiet blessings in your daily life. They are out there, we need only open our eyes to see them.

Photo by Anastasiya Vragova on Pexels.com

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Where is the time going?

When I was young, I’d hear older folks mention how fast time went by. I kind of doubted them as it seemed to crawl at a snail’s pace to me. That was because I was usually waiting for something big coming up–eventually.

Well, now I’m the middle aged adult and life sure is flying by. I find myself not having enough time or hours to accomplish everything on my list. And oh by golly do I have the lists! Lists for groceries. Lists for errands. Lists for things to do around the house seasonally. Lists for things I need to do for promotion on the books. Lists for things to write for the works in progress. Lists for any doctor appointments for me and for the pets. Lists to cover anything not already mentioned in the previous lists. Good grief, my life has become a series of scraps of paper of lists!

hand and notebook

But they usually assure I won’t miss something important should I blink and another chunk of time sped by. If it did, I can go back to my list and still catch up.

Now, mid way through September, I’m still thinking I’ll paint the last two rooms in my house when it’s nice out and I can open the windows. Well, that thought was last winter. I opened the windows over the last few months, but I sure never cracked a paint can open. I still have yet to organize my kitchen cabinets, which was on my summer to-do list. The organizational shelves are still on the kitchen table. But golly, now I’m gathering cardboard to cover the outside foundation vents for the winter. Seems I just got the hose out to clean the eaves and now my list says to drain and store that hose. What? I still have eaves to clear!

See what I mean?

My promotional list said to start in September to do all these things in pre-promotion for the newest book coming out in November. I wanted to start early because I knew by November and December, I’d be buried in stuff. I have two books coming out in November, a novel on the 11th and I’m part of a Christmas anthology coming out on the 25th. Two weeks apart. Two different books. Two different ways to promote. Plus another novella releasing in Feb-March 2016 to start promoting when these two are live. Let’s not forget endless edits for all of the above. And social media upkeep. That is sort of like doing the dishes or laundry– they never end. Busy-busy-busy-busy.

Except I’m already crazy busy now and it’s only September. Or already September. And I only did one promotional thing for each November release. Such a far cry from where my lists say I should be by mid-September.

not enough time

But honestly, I suppose I should not complain. I’ve been granted some great opportunities that many would sell their soul for and all I have to do is work (hard) for them. One day I will look back and say, sure the time went by fast. But is also went by just like it needed to. And it will have all been worth it.

Umm, I just need to remember that when I am pulled four different directions at once, the deadlines are on my doorstep and I feel the pressure of a volcano rising up within me. I’ll just take the dog for a walk, play with the cats or talk to the bird to change my focus for a few moments. Sit on the porch and watch the acorns and rain fall like I’ve been wanting to do all summer. I’ll just put everything current to the side and work on a work in progress that’s been calling to me in not-so-subtle whispers. Hey, I have two of them yelling at me right now.

People sometimes ask me what I do all the time, with so few electronic entertainment devises and people around me. Don’t I get lonely or bored?  Nope, not by a long shot.

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Today I went house shopping. I have been doing a lot of the behind the scenes beginner things for a little while now, but today I actually began touring available houses. I feel it is about time to move from my present locale. And I usually follow my feelings. So while I am excited about the prospect and all it entails, I am also a little depressed by it. I had not thought myself ready to leave my cozy home, house hunting is work (as if I am not busy enough already) and moving can be hard on a lot of things. So I feel a real sense of yin and yang in that this is the thing to do, it’s what I had wanted to do but it seems to be happening quicker then I had imagined.

The whole thing sort of reminds me of one of my favorite movies: It’s a Wonderful Life. The one with Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed .

wondrrful life movie poster

I could watch this Frank Capra film production over and over at any time of year. To me it’s not just a Christmas story. It’s a story about love and living.

Why? Well because a major part of the show is now resonating within me lately. The Bailey family spends their time at the Savings and Loan Building, providing families with their own house–‘four walls and a roof” as a character phrased it once. The Savings and Loan Building and what it represents is a pivotal part of the movie, as is the developing romance between the main characters, Mary and George.

So now that I am searching for my own four walls and a roof and it’s scary and exciting all at once. Kind of like falling in love can be. In my case, there are all the stages and steps and searching and time. All the questions about things I’ve never considered before. So I am surrounding myself with people who are knowledgeable on the things I don’t know to join me on this journey to home ownership.

With the right mindset, I can find the fun and adventure in this. And I will take a lesson from the movie that no matter what happens, it’s a wonderful life. In this case, my reminder is in the form of a character called George Bailey.

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It is not easy to consider, much less believe, but maybe I am more blessed than I sometimes realize. I have absolutely no doubts I am blessed and loved by God in so many countless ways.

But as to the matter that I consider multiple thorns in my side, I feel like Job–cursed for all my days. I have struggled mightily these last weeks with the most recent return of one I thought gone forever. Not so. Surely this can not be a blessing, can it? Not when it seems my will and my body are living two separate existances in one space.

Today however I stumbled upon a new light shone on an old familiar passage. Ps 139:13-14. Mary was to bear a child destined to suffer mightly. She was called by an angel of God ‘blessed among women’. Forgive me but I consider parents of physically challenged babies to be blessed because God knows they are up to the unique challenges before them. It is not an easy road for them and many would be able to travel it. They are blessed to have the love and strength to make the journey. Sometimes when a healthy person is so injuried that thier live if forever altered, I can see it as a blessing–changing what was good into what will be better. They are blessed in that they are re-created better–somehow. Sometimes it just takes time to see it emerge.

So when God ‘fearfully and wonderfully’ made me, knowing all the flaws and problems that would eventually ermerge, was He also creating a blessing for me? Is it possible? To let me live so many years strong, capable and compete, healthy and vigorous. Then, one day, slowly start taking bits of myself away, slowly chopping away at the good and replacing–or exposing–the challenging bits. The bits I tend to resent and hate and fight against. The bits I curse because of their intrusion into my life.

Could it really have been all part of God’s fearfully and wonderfully made plan for me? As in Jer 29:11? So it is possible that what I see as horrible challenges might really be loving blessings in disguise? Meant to make me a better individual for them and because of them?

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