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I was drawn to this story because it’s a western historical. It’s the story of happenstance and surprise.

by clear water

Leslyn Reed is the sole survivor of a raid on her family as they travel west to settle on the family property in California. Stranded in New Mexico and armed with only a milk cow, she embarks on her future. She encounters a trail drive and trades the cow for a chance to work with the drive–disguised as a young boy.

Matt Yeats is leading one final trail drive before assuming his duties as heir of the prestigious Hacienda Hermosa. Tragedy strikes and Matt’s life hangs in the balance. From the back end of the trail drive comes a child, a youth, with a natural skill at healing. Quiet and determine, Les saves Matt’s life, only to have them soon part ways.

Arriving with the herd in the New Mexico town of Concepcion, Les draws her pay, ready to resume her trek to her California property when fate  once more intervenes.

When Matt learns the shy young boy who saved his life is really a lovely lady, that Les  is really Leslyn, his world is toppled. With the help from members of the Yeats family, Leslyn slowly evolves from a shy country girl to a refined woman of class.

It would be nice to say they lived a fairy-tale life from there, but threats rise, stealing Leslyn away from Hacienda Hermosa—and Matt. Challenges test Leslyn’s survivor skills and Matt’s abilities. And his desire to forever claim Leslyn as his own.


This story was a definite page turner with a nice, steady flow and great visuals, from the characters to the settings. As a pleasant bonus, though  it was not categorized as an inspirational, there are enough inspirational references to subtly allude that the characters considered themselves Christians.

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