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Enduring Trials


Enduring Trials God’s Way, by Scott LaPierre is a book that’s a unique blend of Old Testament prophesies and New Testament fulfillment. This book will redirect the suffering reader’s focus from a single layer prospective to a new, uplifting outlook.

Scott’s very straight-forward approach to writing and an educational–though encouraging–delivery shows his pastoral background. The book is absolutely chock-full of solid scripture and concise examples to aid the reader through their struggles and trials.

This is an excellent resource, meant to transform the reader’s view on suffering and trials to one of encouragement. It offers undeniable proof that God is 1–in control, 2– seeing our pain, 3- alongside us during our trials, and 4– planning a good end to our trials and suffering. An entire chapter is dedicated to finding the good end God has in mind for our suffering and trials of today.

This is a book that should be highlighted and underlined. There are heavy references to Job, Joseph and other heroes of pain and trials. There are fantastic insights and a particular favorite was this: if we repent and stop a sin(s), that void now must be filled by doing something else. The intention is that one now does something positive to replace the negative (sin) of before. This seems much like saying for every negative action (or sin) that we stop, there is now an equal and positive reaction.  That sort of insight causes the reader to pause and contemplate.

There are series of questions at the end of each chapter for the reader to record personal reflections or have a discussion with a small group. This book is a resource that would be fine read alone or as a group study.

Finally, I would mention the author also has another book, entitled “Marriage God’s Way.” For anyone searching for ways to strengthen their marriage and make it how God intended holy matrimony to be, it would behoove them to check this title out as well.

Links to connect with Scott LaPierre or purchase his books are:

https://scottlapierre.org/                              Twitter @PastorWCC


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via Wednesday Writer Welcomes Ryan Jo Summer and Rainbows in the Moonlight

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Jason contacted me via a LinkedIn connection, asking for me to read and review his book. This is my sole opinion.

One of the Few

Jason Ladd is a Marine, a fighter pilot, and a Christian. He is a husband, a father, and an author. Once agnostic in his religious beliefs, he slowly and fully discovered the truth as he sees it now. ‘One of the Few’ is the story of finding that truth.
Part One is an awakening awareness of something else out there and Jason’s search for those questions. Using parallels between his military training and experiences alongside his continual quest for answers, he brings the reader along on his world journey.
One thing I particularly appreciated was the way Jason broke down the military terms, lingo and jargon for those like me with no military background. It made his points understandable, not lost.
The middle section was an intense Biblical study, again based on his thoughts and experiences, held alongside the scholars and critics of the Bible over the years.  I could have easily took my highlighter and notepad to have citations to study for my own benefit. Part three was a full circle conclusion, returning to the original beginning of the story and Jason’s own summary of his years of searching.
I recommend this book for anyone with an interest in Marines and their fighter pilots and to absolutely anyone who desires to know why God created us. This book is insightful, thoughtful, studious and enlightening search for a correct, world view of Christianity.

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Today is my first day working off a week of 3rd “graveyard” shift nights topped off with a second shift cap. So today I feel pretty much like worn out rubber and am about as productive. It has not helped my beloved birdy buddy, Taz, made it until Thursday before he warped out on me about how distressing his life is with the hours turned completely upside down. Why couldn’t I get his frustrations that 7:30 AM is time for getting OUT of the cage, not remaining still locked IN it?? Hello? By Friday morning he became a screaming demon at both his frustrations and my apparent ignorance.

Truthfully, I got it, really, but we just weren’t talking the same language. He is marginally better today as long as I am nearby.  And I did try to take a nap earlier but sweet senile Scrapper woke me up within that first hour by thoroughly flooding the bed in urine. So I abandoned the silly notion of sleep, pushed the bedding the washer and the dog in the tub and was glad I got the order right as I added soap and water to both.

And now, as day slowly turns to dusk and my mind turns to mush, I contemplate Christmas. We are so close, having entered the full spread of the season. It’s everywhere you turn. And it appears to me we, as a Christian, have also entered what could be considered our busiest wartime of year. This is when people are most vulnerable to having their hearts softened and being convicted. They are constantly bombarded by the true reason for the season–the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Think about it, it’s on a large portion of the Christmas cards we send out, paper we wrap gifts in, songs heralded on the radio, stories told, books sold and heaven knows we pray harder now for those on our hearts at this time. At least I seem to be. Therefore, it also stands, that with all that sublime suggestion, hearts soften and maybe we win the battle for a few souls. New Christians are born in this time we celebrate Christ’s birth. Ironic and proper. However, just as we work harder this time of year for the souls in our lives and paths, so do the dreaded enemies of Christ.

They sure don’t want any hearts and souls won right now. So they work harder as well to outwit our suggestive efforts and inject their own poisonous spin on why this is not a Merry Christmas season but just a commercial holiday in which to spend and self indulge or whatever personal pleasure we’re after this time. I suppose losing any soul to Christ is bad enough in their book but it must be doubly insulting to lose them at Christmas time. Hence the open war right now which is present if you open your eyes and ears to what is going on around you. Perhaps it is what has transpired to and within and around me all through this year that has made me a little more sensitive to it this year, and more willing to explore it since I have been so exhausted this week in particular.

Whatever the cause, I will continue to pray and plead for the names on my heart and the faces in my mind. I can think of no better gifts to give this year to loved ones than true and lasting peace of eternal love and the gift to Jesus Christ for being a good and faithful disciple for Him.

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