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This weekend I shampooed the carpet in the living room and am now ready to think about putting up the Christmas tree. Yes, a little early I know, but it seems it is never up long enough so each year I resolve to get the tree, lights and decorations up earlier the next year in order to enjoy them a bit longer┬ábefore it’s time to take them down again. So it is a definite must on my November calendar.

However, I have a new predicament I did not have last year at this time. Pepper, my 18-year-old cat, has been having eye issues and recently been bumping into things. She’s been checked out and is not completely blind, but there is no doubt she has vision concerns. Scrapper, my almost 17-year-old Papillion also has cataracts which affect her sight. So both or either one of my old girls are prone to slam into things any given day. Thankfully I am not prone to moving things around much and tend to keep things where they are for years.

Except now I am planning on temporarily removing the cat tunnel/cave I brought back from Ireland and replace it with a tree and boxes of presents smack dab in the middle of the living room. And to add insult to injury, I am planning on running a thick power cord over part of the living room to plug in said tree. What will my sight impaired golden girls think about this? And let’s not forget old Scrap lost her hearing about three years ago so that just adds to the mix.

Some friends suggested I run a child safety gate around the tree, and I have an old ex-pen from when I had puppies that might fit the bill. But it would still give Pepper and Scrap something else to bump into. So I have to consider, which is better to bump noses with–a bristly tree bough or stumble over a shiny box or wonk noses with a wire barricade? That does not account for the trip hazard of the power cord which I can only tape down and hope they remember it’s there after the first stumble.

It’s that time of year I start to stare longingly at each picture of pretty Christmas scene I spy, eager to create my own bit of Christmas joy within my own little world. I look around the yard and walls, envisioning where I can place this or that, tying everything together neatly just like in the adverts. But the reality is this is most likely going to be the last Christmas I’ll share with┬ámy golden girls. I want it to be a safe time for them as I celebrate the season.

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