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October 15, 2015



Eight steamy romances by eight Soul Mate Publishing authors . . .

This Christmas season, Soul Mate Publishing and editor, Char Chaffin, presents Sizzle In The Snow: A Soul Mate Christmas Collection, an anthology available November 25th on Amazon and Soul Mate Publishing. The featured authors and their stories include:

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book corner

Book Corner

We promised a sneak peek, so here goes . . .

Author CD Hersh gives an excerpt of their short story, Kissing Santa!

Anna Noel studied the trim backside of the Santa standing in front of her. He appeared younger than most of the Santas at the Santa Claus conference she’d chosen to attend this year. A lot more attractive than any Santa she’d ever met. For the briefest of moments she let her mind wander, lingering on ‘Christmas Wish Number Nine.’

Make love to Santa.

A heated flush climbed her chest as she envisioned the scene, and she flapped the jacket of her green elf costume to cool down.

Her gaze traveled over his hips, chest, and to the beginnings of a snow white beard; then to his shock of silver hair underneath the white-trimmed, red Santa hat.

Yep. Definitely a Santa she wanted to know. Too bad she wouldn’t be the elf to his mall Santa. They could have gotten acquainted. And more.

The conference registrar drew her out of her Christmas fantasy with a loud, “Miss? Are you with this Santa?”

“What? No. I don’t have a Santa. I’m here alone.”

Sexy Santa turned and held out his hand. “Me, too. I’m Sam S. Klaus.”

A smile curled her lips as she took his hand. “As in Sam Santa Claus?” His warm palm sent tingles through her fingers as he gently squeezed them.

He flashed a slightly lopsided grin. “You have the same warped sense of humor as my parents.” He gave her a mock bow. “Sam S. for Santa, and Klaus, with a K.”

“That’s your real name?” He’d let go of her hand. She fought to keep from grabbing it back. A real Santa Klaus? How great was that?

“The same, and you are?”

“An—” She stopped, suddenly unwilling to reveal her name. A rollercoaster of emotions raced through her, suggesting she might hit number nine with this Santa. If she did, and it didn’t go well, she wouldn’t want Sam Klaus to know her real identity. “An elf who needs a Santa,” she hedged. “How about we team up? I’ll be your personal elfette, and you can be my Santa.”

Oct 15 cocktail

Cocktail Corner

Busy shopping, wrapping, and socializing?

Kick back with a festive cocktail!

Recipe shared by Tina Susedik!

 Tom & Jerry


6 eggs

1 1/2 pounds powdered sugar

Cream of tartar







Separate eggs. Beat yolks and white separately. Add a dash of Cream of Tartar to whites before beating. Beat yolks until frothy and whites until very stiff. Combine. Gradually beat in 1 1/2 pounds of powdered sugar. Add a dash of cloves, allspice, and cinnamon. Put batter in cup. Add shot of brandy and 1/2 shot of rum. Add boiling water to top of cup. Top off with a dash of nutmeg.


Oct 15 recipe

Recipe Corner

Company coming over? Author Beth Carter dishes up her favorite holiday recipe:


Pumpkin Rum Cake

1 yellow cake mix

1 15 oz. can of pumpkin

3 eggs

½ c rum or ½ c coconut rum (I like the coconut rum.)

½ c chopped pecans, toasted (Sometimes I skip the toasting!)

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Combine the cake mix, pumpkin, eggs and rum. Beat on low speed to blend, then beat on medium speed for two minutes. Fold in pecans and pour batter into greased 12-cup Bundt pan. Bake for 45 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean. Cool for 20 minutes and turn onto serving platter. Frost with Orange Glaze (yummy). See below.

Orange glaze:

¾ c powdered sugar

2 T plus ½ tsp orange juice

1 T orange zest

Mix powdered sugar, orange juice and orange zest until smooth. Spoon glaze over top of cake allowing it to run down the sides. Enjoy! We enjoy this for Thanksgiving, Christmas and throughout the fall.

~Beth Carter

Oct 15 holiday memory 

Holiday Memory Corner

Ryan Jo Summers has a wonderful holiday memory to share . . .

Many years ago I married a man who had custody of his two sons, six and three. We wanted this first Christmas as a family to be very special for everyone, so we headed to the closest Toys R’ Us with lots of cash and left the kids with Grandma.

Hubby and I were like kids ourselves as we both pushed our carts up and down the aisles, discussing which child would love what present the best. We wrapped and decorated and couldn’t wait to see the boys on Christmas morning. The presents were piled so high and far out, we could hardly reach the tree to plug it in. But it was all worth it when the kids came downstairs that first morning and exclaimed we must have bought out the whole toy store!

Oct 15 music

Music Corner

Listen up! Amy Deason shares her favorite holiday song:


All I Want For Christmas Is You

By Mariah Carey

Song Link:


Oct 15 craft corner

Craft Corner

Feeling crafty? Kim Hotzon shares a festive DIY craft:

Holiday Ornament Ball

Oct 15 Kim ornement

When my children were young, we spent many weekends crafting homemade ornaments for our tree. This is a simple craft that is inexpensive, and makes a great gift too!


  • scraps of fabric (the more festive pattern the better but plain greens, reds, whites, stripes, etc. work well)
  • festive ribbon (for handle)
  • glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • foam balls from craft store


Cut squares of fabric and wrap around foam ball. Glue in place with glue gun. You may need to cut different sizes of squares to fit the ball, depending on the size. Smooth fabric in place with your fingers. Leave a little opening at the top of the ball and insert a loop of ribbon, securing under the fabric with the glue gun. Press down, hold for a minute until glue sets.

Oct 15 decorating

Decorating Corner

Time to bring out the mistletoe! Crystal Firsdon has some great decorating tips!

There’s always a theme to what I do: easy and simple. For years, I never knew what to do with the Christmas cards I received, so I stood them on any available vertical surface. As you can imagine I had to re-stand them up every day and sometimes several times per day, and they made my tables and shelves looked cluttered. Finally I came up with a solution: cards on a ribbon. (In my mind I’m the one who invented this, but a lot of you probably do this already)

First, I cut a 3-5 foot piece of cute, wide Christmas ribbon.

Next, hang it from a higher shelf by taping the top of the ribbon to the flat surface of the shelf. I place a Christmas picture over it, making sure it covers the tape. I’ve learned that several cards are heavier than you might think, so use a lot of tape.

As I receive Christmas cards, I simply staple each card to the ribbon. If I get more than expected, I hang another ribbon.

One reason I love this is because I’ll find my kids opening the cards to read them and see who they’re from. I also like that the funny cards are mixed with the more serious and sentimental cards. It totally fits my family’s hodgepodge decorating style!


Holiday Card Corner

What’s a holiday without a personalized card by one of your favorite authors? Author Cheryl Yeko sends her holiday greetings:

Oct 15 Cheryl greeting

Of course, as authors we love our readers, and we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to offer swag, free books, and a grand prize which will be awarded to one lucky blog/newsletter follower! For a chance to win these prizes, follow and join the author’s blogs!

xmas girl

Don’t miss our upcoming Facebook launch party with tons of goodies to giveaway! Follow the authors’ blogs for a sneak peek of this wonderful collection! (FB launch date TBA).

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Today is my first day working off a week of 3rd “graveyard” shift nights topped off with a second shift cap. So today I feel pretty much like worn out rubber and am about as productive. It has not helped my beloved birdy buddy, Taz, made it until Thursday before he warped out on me about how distressing his life is with the hours turned completely upside down. Why couldn’t I get his frustrations that 7:30 AM is time for getting OUT of the cage, not remaining still locked IN it?? Hello? By Friday morning he became a screaming demon at both his frustrations and my apparent ignorance.

Truthfully, I got it, really, but we just weren’t talking the same language. He is marginally better today as long as I am nearby.  And I did try to take a nap earlier but sweet senile Scrapper woke me up within that first hour by thoroughly flooding the bed in urine. So I abandoned the silly notion of sleep, pushed the bedding the washer and the dog in the tub and was glad I got the order right as I added soap and water to both.

And now, as day slowly turns to dusk and my mind turns to mush, I contemplate Christmas. We are so close, having entered the full spread of the season. It’s everywhere you turn. And it appears to me we, as a Christian, have also entered what could be considered our busiest wartime of year. This is when people are most vulnerable to having their hearts softened and being convicted. They are constantly bombarded by the true reason for the season–the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Think about it, it’s on a large portion of the Christmas cards we send out, paper we wrap gifts in, songs heralded on the radio, stories told, books sold and heaven knows we pray harder now for those on our hearts at this time. At least I seem to be. Therefore, it also stands, that with all that sublime suggestion, hearts soften and maybe we win the battle for a few souls. New Christians are born in this time we celebrate Christ’s birth. Ironic and proper. However, just as we work harder this time of year for the souls in our lives and paths, so do the dreaded enemies of Christ.

They sure don’t want any hearts and souls won right now. So they work harder as well to outwit our suggestive efforts and inject their own poisonous spin on why this is not a Merry Christmas season but just a commercial holiday in which to spend and self indulge or whatever personal pleasure we’re after this time. I suppose losing any soul to Christ is bad enough in their book but it must be doubly insulting to lose them at Christmas time. Hence the open war right now which is present if you open your eyes and ears to what is going on around you. Perhaps it is what has transpired to and within and around me all through this year that has made me a little more sensitive to it this year, and more willing to explore it since I have been so exhausted this week in particular.

Whatever the cause, I will continue to pray and plead for the names on my heart and the faces in my mind. I can think of no better gifts to give this year to loved ones than true and lasting peace of eternal love and the gift to Jesus Christ for being a good and faithful disciple for Him.

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