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Wow, today I turned the page of my calendar, began my first of the month rituals (mostly pet related health stuff) and realized in two weeks is the anniversary of the release of ‘Whispers in her Heart”. What a year!

Many months ago I had planned to host a giveaway to celebrate that one-year milestone and somehow it completely slipped my mind with so much other non-book related stuff going on. Won’t elaborate here but suffice to say, what a year….and while I am grateful beyond measure for ‘Whispers’, a lot of my year’s events had nothing to do with it. And also suffice to say, the journey is by no means close to complete yet, again despite what the calendar might say,

So to that end, back to the plan at hand. To honor ‘Whispers in her Heart”, I would like to give away two autographed copies to a couple lucky readers. Here are the real easy ground rules: giveaway is open from today, November 1, 2013 and ends either November 15, 2013 or when two people have responded with the correct answers listed below, which ever comes first. I will contact winners as soon as possible and they can provide me by email their physical mailing address. I will then immediately mail them their autographed copy of ‘Whispers in her Heart’.

Sound like fun? Okay, the three questions to answer correctly–or reasonably close- are: 1) what three horse races make up the Triple Crown? 2) what is a Druid? and 3) which of the following is NOT a natural element….earth, air, smoke or water?

And yes, all three questions are related to the book. Please leave your answers as a comment. Good luck and thank you. You can also check out the giveaway on Goodreads.com where I am giving away another three autographed copies as well.

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