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‘Written in the Cards’ has an authentic western air about it, instantly appealing itself to me. Dime novelist Maggie Rutherford intends to interview cattle drover Ben Mason for one of her upcoming novels. She never intends to fall in love with him. And Ben certainly never intended to care about another woman again, but there is something about Maggie’s spirit and beauty that draws him close.

Lauren Linwood has written an engaging story with characters you want to see succeed. Characters you can’t help but care about. Maggie and Ben, of course, plus Rebecca and Frank and especially little Jennie. And there are also the characters you hope don’t succeed–the soulless Black Tex Lonnegan and the contemptible Richard DeForest.

The closer I came to the ending, the richer the action became, the more characters that swept through the pages. The harder it was to put aside. Ultimately, Lauren Linwood finished her story with a satisfying conclusion that left me happy.

Written in the Cards’ is just one of Lauren Linwood’s fine novels. I can’t wait to read another. Her work is available from http://www.amazon.com and http://www.soulmatepublishing.com.

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