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With a title like that, several things could come to mind. Hair extensions, contract extensions, or maybe extending a warranty. Except I was thinking of a house porch. My porch measures only 12 feet by 7 feet, and probably like a lot of people, wish it was larger. Or at least wish it stretched a little longer along the house.

white wicker padded bench

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

Whatever it’s size, I really like my porch. It is a continual on-going source of work. When I bought the house, the porch was painted completely white, including the steel door, and the porch boards were a nice blue/gray. Over the years I painted the door two shades of complimenting green with a gold highlight. I also painted the top and bottom porch rails a pretty mint green and alternated the vertical pickets the same mint green and white. Finally I touched up the blue/ gray flooring and added white lattice all the way around the foundation.

And since doing that, I have had to re-sand and re-do parts of this as I work on finishing the end result. Because my¬† house hints at Victorian design, I am aiding it along by making the porch as Victorian as possible, despite it’s small size. When I get it finished, there will also be horizontal boards along the top of the porch header, with matching green, white and gold spindles to frame the porch. Lots of work, but well worth it when it’s done.

However, today it occurred to me the porch is more of an extension than just a project constantly in the works. I see the porch as an extension of the house. An open-air room that needs cleaning up but not necessarily dusted. It’s the first thing guests see upon reaching the driveway and it’s a spare room to sit and visit. Yes, I even have a porch swing and wicker sofa/ coffee table on my porch. It is where I display my green thumb in the warm months and some of my ceramic critters. It’s another room despite it not being counted in the official square footage. It is an extension of the inside living space. When I can, I love to sit out there and watch the rain fall or write while listening to the windchimes and birds calling.

And it occurred to me today the local wildlife see my porch as an extension of the outside living space. Birdfeeders hang from the porch and bird baths, bird houses, and other feeders are spaced around the yard. The birds, squirrels, and chipmunks routinely visit the porch in search of seeds and other goodies. To them, it’s just one more place food might be found.

selective focus photography of house finch perched on bird feeder

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

So that got me to thinking, how many other things in our lives serve a dual purpose, sometimes without us even being aware of it. A vehicle can be a mode of transportation to get us from A to B to C and back again, or it can also be a status symbol. Or an oddity if it’s a collector’s vehicle. A phone is a devise to call someone. Call mom, call the boss, call home. (Remember E.T.?) Yet our phones do so much more. Mine doubles as a map, camera, texting devise and sometimes a timer.

You can probably see where I am going with this. Just as a doorway is a way in to or out from, many things in our lives pull double duty as we just travel through our days. As they say: perception is everything, and how something works or is viewed by us is based on our perception of it at that moment.

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