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Time is a fickle thing. It’s an odd thing. Recently, while conducting my year end paper-purge tradition, I ran across a scrap of paper, roughly 5 inches by 7 inches. It was dated 11-29-1997. Therein I had scribbled a story idea, yet untitled. The basic premise was an outlaw hanged in the 1880’s soemtime, time travels to present day and finds both redemption and love with our heroine. I had thought it would make a great romance with Christian elements interwoven through it, plus an element of danger somehow from his past or his time travel ability.

Humm, seems like a great idea. No wonder I scribbled it down that day, many years ago. So doubtlessly I stuffed it in a file to be forgotten. Or was it?

Seems the sub conscious mind has not forgotten that November 1997 idea. In July of 2011 I had a great idea for a novel. It just hit me, like a lightning bolt. How about we hang an outlaw in the old west, and he time travels to the future where he meets a plucky heroine who helps him through the challenges of this new world. He finds forgiveness of his outlaw-ish ways and together, they find love.

“Shimmers of Stardust” is now about 1/3 completed. Seems I have not veered much from the original idea from 1997.

So that poses the questions, do our ideas and thoughts time travel?

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