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Read on for  a chance to win an Amazon gift card!

After years of work, I am so thrilled to finally announce that book 1 of the “Winds of Destiny” series is released! Drum roll…. Introducing “River’s Journey”

River Gallagher loves three things—her family, Frank Finn, and her hometown. Her property management career is going great, or at least it was until Calder Finn arrives in town. His rash plans threaten her and the future of everyone in Sweetwater Harbor, NC.

Calder Finn returns home to settle his father’s estate. But not only is his father still alive, he has a wild and beautiful guardian. River not only threatens Finn’s intention for a quick escape, she also questions his beliefs. Something very few people have ever done before.

Tempers flare and personalities clash until an uneasy alliance is forged—at least temporarily.

Amazon Link

Here is a little excerpt from “River’s Journey”, where River and Calder are discussing their thoughts about falling in love:

Are you telling me you would never marry a man if it were just mutually beneficial between you? Is that what you are implying?” he challenged her, bringing his palms back to the tabletop.
She shook her head, moving tangled hair out of the way. “No, I would only marry for true love and nothing less.”
He envied her confident answer. Yet, it explained why this tumultuous woman was still single. However, his curiosity won out. “Okay, and what do you consider nothing less than true love?” Was there even such a thing?
She smiled.
Her smile was the first real smile he’d seen from her. Almost dreamy, it slammed into his chest with all the tenderness of a bulldozer. He counted the seconds until he could force a shallow breath back into his lungs. One…two…three…four…five… Would she ever answer him?
“That’s hard to put into words. It’s more something two people will feel when destiny speaks, and they are the right two.”
He could have almost laughed, if he had been able to breathe properly. “Then you think it’s destiny that makes two people fall in love?”
“No. I think destiny brings them together. They fall in love because they are meant to.”
Ah, crystal clear, considering it was coming from her. “Well, that is an interesting point of view, I suppose.” He brushed off any crumbs that might be on the table or stuck in the scarred ridges. “However, my arrangement with Miss Jordon is my business and none of yours, so kindly keep your opinions to yourself.”
“You asked.”

 Book 2, “Storm’s Warning” is currently in edits, book 3, “Raine’s Promise” is waiting for edits, book 4, “Winter’s Wish” is my next work in progress, and I am outlining books 5 and 6! Did I mention how stoked I am to finally have this series underway? 

Here is the best part…In honor of this series launch, I am turning my website into a treasure hunt. Yes! Go over to my website, http://www.ryanjosummers.com and read through it looking for answers to the following questions. (Trust me, this is super simple and quick to do). To enter, just email me from the ‘Contact’ tab and give me the correct answers. I will draw five random readers to each win $10 Amazon gift cards.

Here are the particulars:
1… Readers must find answers to questions (below) on author’s website, and contact author with right answers using ‘Contact” form on website. 
  2…Author will randomly select five (5) correct entries. Each random winner will receive a $10 Amazon gift card. Entrants must leave a contact method for author to let winner know.
3… Last day to enter is midnight, Monday, March 22, 2021. Winners will be notified by March 24th, 2021     4 .. Questions are:
               —Name of my official office assistant
               —Name of song I wrote for “Cinnamon’s Courageous Heart”
               —Name of dog on the cover of “Ty’s Journey”
               —Give one hobby listed on the ‘About Ryan Jo Summers’ page
               —What title earned the US Review of Books Silver Star of Recommendation?
Good luck!

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Exciting news! “Food and Romance Go Together, Vol. 1” is now available for Pre-order and officially releasing May 16th. I am included as one of the six contributing authors in this food-themed romance anthology offered by Melange Books. In celebration, I am offering this wonderful gift basket full of food and kitchen related items. Check this out:

Look at what all is included: Designer Desserts adult coloring book, blank recipe journal, Unicorn cupcake kit, Dough-notes 12 pack note cards, handmade cork-and-stone trivet, hand-painted ombre 3-piece wooden spoon set, orange segments salt & pepper set, Starbucks 2-pack hot cocoa, (drink them both or share with your favorite love) and a thankful mini-gift basket crock containing measuring spoons, a butterfly cookie/dough cutter and miniature storage container. Wow!

To win this awesome gift basket, simply sign up for my newsletter. That’s it. Just leave an email in the comments below, I will add you to my newsletter service with Mailchimp. (You can adjust your preferences later and I absolutely promise you will NOT get flooded with constant mailings. Maybe two or three a year, unless something terrific is going on I need to share). I like Mailchimp because it will only have your email in the header, not those of everyone subscribed so I can ensure some privacy for subscribers. Anyhow–once I have an email in the comments, you are entered into a random drawing to win this basket.  *Due to the high foreign postage costs, I am restricting this to US readers only. Sorry.        CONGRATULATIONS TO AUDREY S. WHO WON THE GIFT BASKET!

Six food-themed stories, with recipes found in each one, but six different talented authors.

“Coffeecake Chaos” by Ryan Jo Summers

Avianna Goodman and Sawyer Steele had been young lovers. Now she is a caterer, building her own business. Right now she needs cash to help her family. He’s being ordered to stop his wild ways and settle down to take over the family empire. His controlling mother has picked out the perfect heiress for him. Now they need the right caterer to launch the perfect engagement celebration.

Old sparks rekindle as Avianna and Sawyer reunite.

Amazon buy link: http://amzn.to/2pIjNbG

Smashwords buy link: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/720457

Lulu paperback print buy link: http://bit.ly/2p65MAP


Food and Romance Go Together,
Vol. 1
Pumpkin Blossoms by Sue Stewart Ade
Jillian yearns for love and falls for a dog and her sister’s former boyfriend. But
the dog bolts and the boyfriend seems to still have feelings for her sister. Can she
find love with a man who can’t see who she really is?
Coffee Cake Chaos by Ryan Jo Summers
Avianna Goodman needs cash. That’s why she agreed to cater her ex-boyfriend’s
engagement party. Seeing Sawyer again confirms Avianna still isn’t over him.
The biggest mistake Sawyer Steele ever did was walk away from the one girl he
was crazy about. Now Avianna’s back in his lifeand he can’t have her.
Apple Pie Delight by Sonja Gunter
Lost loves reunite after forty years of deceptions. Can a Sun-Kissed Apple Pie
bring Toril Swanson and Erik Sutton together again?
Peanut Butter Kisses by Jody Vitek
Beth Canton attends her ten-year class reunion to catch a glimpse of her long-
time, school-girl crush, Hank McGrath, but doesn’t hope or even dream of
anything more. She leaves with more than a glimpse, while Hank can’t get
enough of her peanut butter kisses.
Boston Crème Breakdown by Randi Perrin
Kestin just wants to return to life as normal after returning home from the war,
but there’s no way his life will be the same again. Looking for easy money to
make bills, he stumbles over an ad to teach perpetually-single Erica to cook, and
can’t resist answering it. He never expected to actually get the job—or to be
attracted to her.
The Chocolate Queen by April & Holly Marcom
In a world sprinkled with superheroes, you never know when the person beside
you is one of these few elite. When Clarissa begins to fall for a guy who harbors
a super secret, it feels like she’s not good enough. But he may just help her
discover a super sweet secret of her own.

I love to cook, and when I wrote the story of a caterer, she naturally had to create a menu for her ex-boyfriend’s engagement party. That is part of the fun of being a writer! Each author has a recipe listed that is featured in their story.

This coffeecake is a real dessert I used to make for my husband to take to his work to share with his co-workers. It is super quick and easy to make, and very flexible to tailor to your own preferences.

Streusel Coffeecake

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

2. Filling: Mix below items together with fork in small bowl before mixing cake:

½ C brown sugar, 2 Tbls. flour, 2 tsp. cinnamon, 2 Tbls. melted butter  and ½ C nuts (optional)

Batter:  1 ½ C sifted flour, 1 ½ tsp. baking powder, 1 tsp. salt and ¾ C sugar. ¼ C shortening,

½ C milk and one egg (Well beaten)

3. Sift dry ingredients. Cut in shortening with pastry knife or fork. Blend in egg and milk.

4. Spread half of batter in greased, flat 8 X 8 or 6 X 10 inch pan.

Sprinkle with half of filling. Add rest of batter and sprinkle remaining filling on top.

5. Bake at 375 degrees for 25 minutes.  Good served warm or room temp.

Optional topping: warm maple syrup and mix with brown sugar and drizzle over top. Or blend a few teaspoons milk with powdered sugar until runny and drizzle over top. Crumbled, cooked bacon or chopped nuts are good sprinkled over this too



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LB_MaggiesWay_400x600      LB_MaggiesForkInTheRoad_Kindle_2400x3600

Today I am pleased to introduce author Linda Bradley. Her second women’s fiction novel, “Maggie’s Fork in the Road” of the ‘Montana Bound’ series is releasing July 6th with Soul Mate Publishing. This is the follow up to her critically acclaimed multi-award finalist, “Maggie’s Way“. Welcome, Linda. Can you share what this book is about?

Maggie Abernathy learns that pesky neighbors, John and Chloe McIntyre are moving to Montana. The only problem is…she can’t fathom living without them now that they’ve stolen her heart. While trying to digest the news and accept John’s decision to leave Michigan, Maggie ventures to Chicago with Chloe to see Chloe’s Hollywood mother in a photo shoot, where the three kindle a quirky bond making it even harder to say goodbye. With the support of Maggie’s meddling mother, best friend Judy, and a surprise visit from Montana rancher, Winston Ludlow McIntyre, Maggie begins to wonder which fork in the road leads home.

Ryan: Um, very full of twists and supporting characters. Why did you write it?
When I wrote, Maggie’s Way, Montana Bound Series: Book 1, I intended it to be a single title, but when it was time to type “The End” something inside me told me Maggie’s journey wasn’t over. One book morphed into three, each with it’s own premise. Maggie’s Fork in the Road is the second book in the series.

How long did it take?
It took me about four months to have my first draft.

That is not too bad. Where do you write?
I write at my desk in an office that I share with my husband. I write at our dining room table, in bed, on the sofa. It depends on my mood. When it’s summer, I tend to find myself of on the deck or on our porch with my dog, Maisey.

LB MaiseyShe’s a beauty!

Some days her friends from the neighborhood join us, so writing becomes a group effort.LB Group effort dogs

Are you working on anything else right now?
Yes, I am. I am working on edits for Maggie’s Montana, Montana Bound Series: Book 3 due out this fall. I’m also working on another Montana based series and a Women’s Fiction book with a thread of Spirit.

Thread of spirit? Sounds great.  Okay, here are some ice-breaking questions to get to know you better, beyond the writing hat you wear.

1.    Most recent book I’ve read: Palmetto Moon by Kim Boykin
2.    Favorite town: Positano, Italy. It’s the place I traveled to with my husband in celebration of getting married and being cancer-free.    (Hey, big congratulations!)

LB cancer free w hubs

3.    Be Invisible or x-ray vision: Invisible.
4.    Typical Day: I teach second grade full time, so it’s a lot of hustle and bustle during the school year. The summer is different. I own that and it’s a time to rejuvenate, get projects done around the house, travel, and write.
5.    Rainy Days: At home writing or hanging with my hubby and dog.
6.    Musical Instrument: I played the cello up until college. Some days I wonder if I’d be able to rekindle the connection.
7.    Foreign Language: None, fluently. I wish I did though. I took German in high school and French in college.
8.    Four people for dinner: Only four?
This is tough, but today, I’d have to go with Julianne Moore, Sam Elliot, Robert Redford, and Nicholas Sparks. Julianne Moore because I’ve had people tell me that I look like her, even ask me if I was her, although I believe she is much more elegant than I am. I have this crazy idea to write a book in which the main character, me, spends a day in her shoes. It has comedy written all over it. Sam Elliot because I’ve always been intrigued by him and if someday, one of my Montana Bound books should find its way on a big screen, he’d be a perfect Winston Ludlow McIntyre. Robert Redford, well because he’s Robert Redford. And my fourth guest would be Nicholas Sparks because I’ve read many of his books and I’m intrigued by how his writing fuels the big screen.

(Great choices, and some very good looking ones too. I’m an Elliot and Redford fan)

9.    Growing up, what did I want to be: I wanted to be an artist. I knew my main character, Maggie Abernathy needed a hobby, so I depict her painting photographs. Here’s a hand colored photo I did in college. This one was done with colored pencils. The photo was taken on Belle Isle here in Michigan. LB Belle IS MI

Ok- now how about a speed round?:

1.    Favorite Food to Cook: Chocolate Chip Cookies
2.    Favorite Animal: Maisey, my rescue dog, but I think she really rescued me. (they usually do)
3.    Favorite Color: Green
4.    Favorite Book: The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd
5.    Favorite Sport: Tennis
6.    Favorite Music: 70’s
7.    Favorite Song: There are too many!
8.    Favorite place to visit: Petoskey, Michigan. My grandparents lived there so we took many treks to northern Michigan. It’s the only place I can find Penuche. Penuche is a kind of maple fudge and my grandmother used to make for my siblings and me every time we visited.
9.    What makes me laugh:  A good joke or a classic rerun of Match Game.
10.    3 adjectives: Creative, Resourceful, Determined
11.    Favorite Season: Summer
12.    Strangest thing I ate: caviar
13.    Strangest thing I’ve done: Oh boy, not sure I can divulge that information.
14.    Dance or sing: Definitely not dance, but I can carry a tune on a good day.
15.    Second home: Mountain cabin for the summer and a beach home for the winter.
16.    Dessert: Anything chocolate.

17.    Whom do you admire: My dad. Here he is in Panama City, Panama on December 7, 1941. LB dad inpanama


18.    Car: Silver Malibu
19.    Favorite Art: Impressionism
20.    3 wishes: 1) Retire early 2) Make a movie 3) Beach house
21.    Favorite Vacation Spots: Montana, Italy, Ireland, the beach. LB favor vacation Ireland the beach








Wonderful, Linda, thank you for sharing such great photos. How about some parting thoughts?

1.    What 3 items would I take if I were stranded on a tropical island for a year: 1) A bag of books. 2) A friend 3) Bug spray
2.    Quote I love: “All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.” -Ernest Hemingway
3.    Real life situation in which you stood up for someone or something: At the age of fifty-one, I’ve stood up for a lot of things, students in my classroom, and especially myself. My husband always tells me that doing the right thing doesn’t always feel good. He’s right, and I try to remember that when it’s time to pick a battle that should be addressed.

I am happy to announce that Linda’s debut novel,  book 1 “Maggie’s Way”, is a finalist in the Greater Detroit Bookseller’s Best Award 2016 and was a finalist for The Romance Reviews Readers Choice Award.  That’s pretty cool! Congratulations and not a bad start for 2016.  I’d love to share an excerpt of book 2 “Maggie’s Fork in the Road” now.

John’s news knocked the wind out of me leaving me breathless, speechless . . . paralyzed.

Breathe, I told myself.

The dim room grew foggy as my eyes searched John’s face. “Really,” I said. “Why now? And why here?” What was it about delivering bad news in a restaurant? First, Beckett, now John. For the love of God, I wondered if breaking a woman’s heart in public got them into a secret men’s club.

Letting my guard down proved one thing. Hurt was inevitable. John and Chloe’s absence would leave a hole in my heart, a gorge of sharp edges. We were more than neighbors. We’d become friends that navigated life’s ups- and-downs together. And now they were moving. I’d have new neighbors and I didn’t want new neighbors. I wanted John and Chloe. I needed John and Chloe. We bonded last summer when I dealt with breast cancer. Their craziness made mine seem normal. John and Chloe weren’t any ordinary neighbors; they were family, eccentric misfits, like myself that conformed to the beat of life while traversing the bumps in the road.

Massaging my temples, I caught my breath. The throb pierced my skull. Since John and Chloe’s arrival, there’d never been a dull moment. Mom came around more often. And Chloe’s mother, Brook. Jesus, she flitted in and left like a summer storm leaving sky-high humidity and heat that scorched everything in its path.

Broken-hearted, Chloe had wept over false promises, her bags packed, her hopes magnanimous. And God, Beckett.

My ex-husband found his footing with a new lifestyle that didn’t include me, or any other woman. I’d heard through the grapevine that he was dating and wondered if his better half was as handsome as he was.

I searched John’s face for an answer.

“I didn’t know how to tell you. I’m sorry, Maggie. I don’t belong here,” he said, lowering his voice. “I can practice medicine in Montana and my dad could really use the help.”

Montana was one hell of a long ways away. I swallowed the sting of disappointment. John’s eyes searched mine. His news left a bitter taste at the back of my throat. “You can’t leave. I love you,” I whispered.

The pressure behind my eyes burned something fierce. How was it possible that I felt so much for someone I wasn’t romantically involved with? I certainly thought about it enough and the few recent kisses we shared established a deeper connection spurring buried promises that I’d made to myself. Moving forward in the wake of waiting for perfect timing proved difficult.

The corners of John’s mouth drooped. His jaw clenched.

“I can’t believe I said that.” I stared into my half-empty glass of Merlot, my cheeks smoldered from the realization that he didn’t return my sentiments. My chin quivered as he touched my hand from across the table.

“I want to put the house up for sale when Chloe’s school year ends.”

My forced smile hurt. It was the kind that everyone knows is fake and by John’s expression, my attempt to lighten the moment had failed. He squeezed my hand. I sipped my wine trying to avoid eye contact with the waitress. Her return with the dessert tray came at the most inopportune moment. After listening politely, John asked for the check. I wrapped my shawl around my shoulders trying to hold myself together. “I’ll meet you outside,” I said, fumbling with my purse.

“I won’t be long,” he said. “Maggie—”

The leg of my chair got stuck on the carpet. I shook it loose in disgust, studying the face of a man that I thought just might be a permanent fixture in my life. His eyes sadly apologetic.

“Damn, you’re beautiful.” With a heavy sigh, he paused. “I’ll be out in a minute.

The cool spring breeze sent shivers down my spine as I exited the restaurant. I caught my breath. How could I have told John I loved him? Why now? I wrapped my arms around myself. If I could survive cancer, I’d survive this. Hearts mended. Beckett taught me that lesson the hard way, but this was John and Chloe. Our attachment was the seam that mended that wound, made it invisible.

Okay, here are Linda’s social media links to stay in contact to see what is next:

website: http://www.lindabradleyauthor.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Linda-Bradley

twitter: https://www.twitter.com/LBradley/author

Buy links to start your own set:

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Maggies-Way-Montana-Bound-Book-ebook/dp/B00ZSOX4BA?ie=UTF8&keywords=maggie%27s%20way&qid=1434509844&ref_=sr_1_2&sr=8-2

Barnes & Nobel: https://www.amazon.com/Maggies-Way-Montana-Bound-Book-ebook/dp/B00ZSOX4BA?ie=UTF8&keywords=maggie%27s%20way&qid=1434509844&ref_=sr_1_2&sr=8-2

Linda, thank you so much for stopping in today. It has been a great visit. Before you go, you did say something earlier about a giveaway. What are your giving away?

I would love to giveaway two Amazon e-books. Winners decide which of my books they want. Just leave a comment below.





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Happy new year everyone! Only a few days into 2016 and already I am bursting to share some exciting news. Are you ready? Here it is: the cover to my newest release, a sweet contemporary novella called “Glimpse Eternity”–


Now,  isn’t that just breath-taking? I. Love. It. Even the dog is a significant part of the story. “Glimpse Eternity” is my first release with Melange Books, {Melange-Books.com}  It is available for pre-sale starting February 6th with a release ‘go-live’ date scheduled for February 20. Just in time for a short and sweet Valentine’s themed read.

Here is a bit of what “Glimpse Eternity” is about:

Kasey Griffin is determined to prove Multiple Sclerosis isn’t going to define her life. Dedicated to her sister, her pets and her bookstore, she has everything for a full and satisfying life– the daily challenges of MS notwithstanding.

Then hunky musician Ben Salem rolls into town. Ben’s subtle charm quickly reminds Kasey she is more than a woman with a disease, she’s a woman with a heart. And Ben wants it.

Will Ben still desire her once he learns the details of her condition?

Now, for the giveaway part. There are two items up for grabs. First,  I have this lovely silver plated bracelet,  with a book design ABC charm and toggle clasp that I want to sent to one lucky commenter.

abc ster silver plated bracelet

I would appreciate if commenters offered for me to place them on my newsletter list, but it is not a requirement. I get that some people just don’t want to do that. That’s okay, you can still be the random winner just by leaving a comment below.

The other item is this adorable plush singing puppy. She spins around, singing to “Crazy in Love” and stands almost seven inches tall.


How cute is she? And befitting as this is a Valentine’s story and the character, Kasey, has a dog she calls Muttonchop.  So for a chance to win either of these wonderful items, just leave a comment and state which item you prefer. If you would like to be on my newsletter list, please mention that as well.  (It really only comes out once or twice a year, so there will be no flooding of your inbox, I promise. And it is a handy way to keep up on what’s new) Either way, you get a chance to win one of these cool prizes.

{The small print: winners will be chosen at random once sufficient comments have been collected to make a fair drawing. Winners will be notified by email address or contact method provided. Prizes will be mailed to winners via regular US postal service within one week of receipt of their mailing address. They will then be contacted via email to alert them prize is on its way to them.}

Okay, that’s all I have for now.



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