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I walked into my study this morning, coffee cup in hand, anticipating getting a little work done before shower and breakfast. Immediately I noticed a small hairball on the floor. Black, wet, nasty. I knew it was from Kryshnah. She has been tossing up a few hairballs lately, in spite of the gooey stuff I give them all that is supposed to control such issues.

Okay, I reasoned, not so bad. Small amount, albeit still gross. But at least she had the manners to wretch it up on the chair runner, instead of the carpet, so it would be easy to clean up. Good girl, Krysh. Then I set my cup down on the desk, or rather tried to.

The reason there was such a small part of hairball debris on the floor was because the majority of it had been flung up on my desk! Literally all over my desk. Heart sinking, I surveyed the sodden damage.

My ledger of accounts was wet through the pages, my latest edition of The Writer, a printout of platform information and another printout of contests I have yet to study and highlight, and oh no! My calendar where I keep all my print outs and dates for blogging tours and host blog dates and tons of related notes to such. They were all now reduced to a soaking, sodden mess. She’d even managed  to spew some nastiness onto my keyboard. Lovely, just lovely.

Hastily I mopped up the wet hair and stomach contents that come with Kryshnah’s hairballs, shuffling the papers and pages out to hopefully dry. Disgusting but hopefully salvageable. Later, I snapped this picture of  Whymzie, Aspen and Muldoone all chilling out. Absent from the photo-op were Avery Faith, who was gallivanting about chasing things, and of course Kryshnah, my little hairball puker extraordinaire.Whym, Aspen & Muld 7-5-14

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