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“What have you outgrown this year?”
The was the question a character in “The Coming of Arabella” asked a group of women. It resonated with me.

Coming of Arabella


This is the story of reinvention and family. While this is a great stand-alone book, it is actually a follow up to “Between Land and Sea” Book 1 of the Mediterranean Trilogy series.  This story is told from the point of view of Barbara Davies, former mermaid who gave up her tail for a man and lost a whole lot more. Seems some mermaids have the same problems with men as human women can.

In “The Coming of Arabella”, Babara has worked hard and carved out a good life for herself. She is coming into herself. Then her sister, Arabella, shows up–in human form. Arabella is everything and has everything Barbara does not. She’s young and beautiful, cruel and insensitive. She’s the kind of sister you want to slap into next week. Or further. And she systematically ruins everything Barbara has worked so hard to create. Relationships, job and career, family– every single thing. Worse, every place Barbara runs to, there is Arabella. Again. Sabotaging her life.

This story will make you cry alongside Barbara at the unfairness we can all relate to. You will cheer her determination to continue to want to do the right thing, despite the cost. Barbara is not perfect. She’s made her mistakes, as have we all. She’s learned or is learning from them. She goes into things with her eyes open now, and her heart still on her sleeve.

And Arabella? Well, no one woman can have it all forever, now can they?

I thoroughly enjoyed “The Coming of Arabella”. However, I would suggest reading “Between Land and Sea” first for a better understanding of the Kingdom and mermaid tribes and the Mer-world Joanne Guidoccio has created. Since I was not familiar with the backstory, it sometimes took me a few pages to figure something out. My fault for reading them out of order. Overall, this was a thoroughly enjoyable story with plenty of unexpected twists to keep it unpredictable and interesting. And real enough that most people will be able to relate to.

Between Land and Sea       Coming of Arabella      Joanne Guidoccio

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It is with great pleasure I welcome author, Joanne Guideccio, to speak about her Wild Rose Press release, ‘A Season for Killing Blondes’. Now really, isn’t that just a fantastic title? I am happy to be a part of Joanne’s tour.

JG: Ryan, thank you for participating in the Countdown to A Season for Killing Blondes. As self-proclaimed non-foodies, Gilda Greco (protagonist of the novel) and I are always on the lookout for quick and convenient meals. But we are not willing to sacrifice taste or nutritional value. Whatever we prepare must be flavorful and contain a blast of nutrients. A smoothie meets these criteria and provides the perfect breakfast on-the-go, a healthy snack, or a great pick-me-upper after a workout. All we really need is our trusted Cuisinart Hand Blender and a willingness to experiment with whatever is in the fridge or pantry.

A Season drink

Over the years, I’ve tried different recipes and finally settled on the following: I start with two scoops of Sun Warrior Vegan Protein Powder (vanilla flavor). Recommended by my nutritionist, this brand contains brown rice protein and works well for anyone who is sensitive to eggs, dairy, and soy. I add one cup of my favorite fruit, alternating between blueberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, and kiwi. To increase the fibre content, I add two tablespoons of ground flaxseed. I then add six to eight ounces of water and blend. Do you have a favorite smoothie recipe?

RJS: Yes I do, but it’s not as involved as your and Gilda’s. Mine starts as a packet of chocolate powder. I add ice cubes, milk and sliced bananas in the blender. It’s a quickie version of a chocolate-banana smoothie. It certainly does not have the nutritional value of yours.

Now, what can you tell us about this book with the cool title?


JG: Hours before the opening of her career counseling practice, Gilda Greco discovers the dead body of golden girl Carrie Ann Godfrey, neatly arranged in the dumpster outside her office. Gilda’s life and budding career are stalled as Detective Carlo Fantin, her former high school crush, conducts the investigation.

When three more dead blondes turn up all brutally strangled and deposited near Gilda’s favorite haunts, she is pegged as a prime suspect for the murders. Frustrated by Carlo’s chilly detective persona and the mean girl antics of Carrie Ann’s meddling relatives, Gilda decides to launch her own investigation. She discovers a gaggle of suspects, among them a yoga instructor in need of anger management training, a lecherous photographer, and fourteen ex-boyfriends.

As the puzzle pieces fall into place, shocking revelations emerge, forcing Gilda to confront the envy and deceit she has long overlooked.

TRAILER: https://youtu.be/QURgFbybQVw 


Amazon (Canada) – http://is.gd/t0g1KZ

Amazon (United States) – http://is.gd/jADjPp

Amazon (United Kingdom) – http://is.gd/8mknFJ

Amazon (Australia) – http://is.gd/r843iX

Kobo – http://is.gd/BpO9gY

Joanne is also giving away a $25 Amazon gift card so use the Rafflecopter below for your chances at winning.


RJS: Here is some back story on Joanne– In high school, she dabbled in poetry, but it would be over three decades before she entertained the idea of writing as a career. She listened to her practical Italian side and earned degrees in mathematics and education. She experienced many fulfilling moments as she watched her students develop an appreciation (and sometimes, love) of mathematics. Later, she obtained a post-graduate diploma as a career development practitioner and put that skill set to use in the co-operative education classroom. She welcomed this opportunity to help her students experience personal growth and acquire career direction through their placements. In 2008, she took advantage of early retirement and decided to launch a second career that would tap into her creative side and utilize her well-honed organizational skills. Slowly, a writing practice emerged. Her articles and book reviews were published in newspapers, magazines, and online. When she tried her hand at fiction, she made reinvention a recurring theme in her novels and short stories. A member of Sisters in Crime, Crime Writers of Canada, and Romance Writers of America, Joanne writes paranormal romance, cozy mysteries, and inspirational literature from her home base of Guelph, Ontario.

Guidoccio 001

RJS: What an incredible history. I’m sure many former students look back fondly with the help Joanne showed them over the years. And today we are equally glad to have her as one of our own talented, and organized, authors. This is where to find Joanne…

Website: http://joanneguidoccio.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/joanneguidoccio

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorjoanneguidoccio

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joanneguidoccio

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/jguidoccio/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7277706.Joanne_Guidoccio

RJS: Joanne, thank you for stopping by my blog on your tour. I wish you continued success on all your writing endeavors.

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