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Wow, a whole nation-wide day dedicated to our best furry friends. What a pure stroke of genius someone had when they created this day. I could not let today slide away without paying homage to some of my beloved canine buddies over the years.

My most recent is Ty. He came to live with me March of 2015. He is about eight years old, though no one is exactly sure. Ty is part of a group of collies who were rescued from a hoarding situation in Tennessee. When I adopted Ty, he had severe (read Massive) PTSD and behavioral issues. He was not house trained, leash trained, obedience trained, or anything trained. He freaked out over anything and nothing. He spent two years living in a tiny corner of the kitchen (his “cave of comfort”) because he was too terrified to come out. Lately, he has progressed to the bedroom now. I am hopeful in the next year or two he might start exploring the rest of the house.

Actually, I kept a blog and journal marking Ty’s journey and this year I released it as a self-published novel through Kindle Direct, called ‘Ty’s Journey’. It’s in a paperback and an e-book version and readers so far have enjoyed his progress and the many photos.

Two pics of Scrapper, around age 8 or 9 yrs


This adorable baby is Scrapper. My (at the time) hubby wanted a small dog. After some research he found this darling at a breeder’s near Detroit, MI. We made the long trek to get her. She was a 6-month old puppy. She imprinted on me and for eighteen years, she was my baby girl. When hubby and I called it quits, it was known by all that Scrapper was staying with me. It broke my heart to send her over the Rainbow Bridge in Feb. 2014. She was two months shy of reaching her nineteenth birthday.

Scrapper, age 18, 2013


The Blue Merle below is Ruffian, AKA Heritage Ruffian by Kintor, CGC. I bought him as a pup with the intent to show him. The sable and white lying down is Kip, CGC. The CGC behind their names stand for Canine Good Citizen, a certification they both earned for obedience. Ruffian was close to earning his CD, another obedience title. Kip was a street-wise stray from Grand Rapids, MI that I inherited for eight years. Thought they came to me at different times, in different ways, and for different reasons, they were my best friends. This photo was taken at Pompton Lakes, New Jersey. I had a chance in 2003 to take them to a place called Sunnybank, and pay homage to the author who got me interested in collies while I was still a child.

Ruffian and Kip, at Sunnybank, 2003

This is Raven, AKA Afterhours Shining Heritage. She was bought as a show prospect puppy, and loved to show. I cut my teeth as a handler beside Raven. Ultimately I ended up placing her with a family with kids who wanted to run and play as much as Raven did. Actually, Ruffian and Raven grew up together, just a few months apart. We referred to them as Big Brother and Little Sister.

Raven, as a six-month-old

This is Galya. I got her as a young adult and enjoyed many wonderful years with her sweet, devoted collie personality. She was everything you could ask for in a collie, loved to “mother” the new babies, and lived a nice long life. I lost her Labor Day weekend, 2001.

Shayna, AKA Afterhours Star of Heritage, was bought as a show prospect puppy. She had it all, and she knew it. Shayna loved to be the Belle of the Ball, all eyes on her. She had to strut her stuff, and make sure everyone knew Shayna was in the house. She was a real ham, a lady, a star, and a bit of a drama queen.

Riley James is a puppy that I bred. His name was Heritage Touched by Twilight. I tried showing him some, and he did great as a youngster. When he matured, he stayed on the petite side, too dainty for a male, so that ended his show career. Instead, I neutered him and kept him as a house pet, until I lost him at the too-young age of eleven.

As you can tell, I adore the collie breed, and papillions. So Happy National Dog Day. Hug your pooch if you have one. If you don’t, I’d like to encourage you to spend this weekend and go to your local animal shelter or humane society. Donate either your time, your money, your talents, or your home and help a dog in need in one way or another. Shelters and rescues always need help in so many ways. Just show up. They will be very appreciative. And so will the dogs you help. Until they all have a loving home to call their own.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go walk Ty.


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