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Actually, I had thought it was March that was supposed to have the lion/ lamb metaphor. However, for me, it’s all February.

I have now enjoyed two warm showers and washed two loads of laundry– including my much ignored sheets. (Ahhhh, I can’t wait to feel those clean babies tonight). bed




The ‘check engine’ light on my Jeep was some relay switchy thing. $137 bill on top of yesterday’s bill from all the plumbing work.

jeep liberty

I had failed to mention also sometime this month the overhead light stopped working in my 40 gallon fish aquarium. This is the one with live plants, snails and fish. I had thought it was just a burned bulb. When I went to change it out, the entire hood fixture was fried, actually slightly scorched in one place. So the poor critters had to live without light for a couple of weeks while I ordered and waited for a $50 replacement. That came this week.

But this month has not been all bad. My beloved Muldoone has continued to slowly gain weight, up to twelve pounds now. Three more to go to reach his original ‘fighting weight’.
And my mechanic is gracious enough to let me charge the repairs today so that was a blessing as well. Plus I will have clean sheets tonight.

So, with a grateful heart and some trepidation I will turn the page on the calendar. Let’s all pray for lots of lambs this coming month.

baby lamb

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