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Kittens with shoes

Who needs a new puppy to chew up your shoes? I have Avery Faith. This morning she was happily rolling around on the piece of carpet I store my shoes on, kicking and clawing and biting at this poor victim of her play wrath. At least I am getting closer to her now.
Overall, progress has been made with the wild winter wind–both of them.
Aspen, the mama who started all this back in November, is now collared. I bought her a pretty blue breakaway collar last night and she has taken to wearing it pretty good. She has tamed down to what I figured she would be–affectionate, always seeking me out to be in my lap, purring and kneading. Both her and Avery Faith have been treated for eat mites and dewormed. That was fairly simple to do. It is the nail trimming that is harder to accomplish. Both are learning their names too.
Aspen’s only fault is her desire to still go out. Partly because she is going back into season and wants to find a male to make more little Avery’s and partly because it is a hostile environment inside. The resident cats are not so excited about the newcomers. So each time I return home or wake in the morning, I follow Aspen’s trail of destruction, which so far has been knocked over plants and knocked over curtains. Nothing more serious or lasting. Otherwise, she has been a friendly, affectionate kitty. Once spayed, which was supposed to be this week and now rescheduled due to weather, she ought to settle in better.
Avery Faith has made great strides too. No destruction at all from her, she has taught herself all about the litter box, spends her time happily playing with any and all toys, boarding them and she will now approach me, but not quite ready to make that full commitment of actually moving into my outstretched hand like mama does. Not quite. It’s coming. Like when I knew Aspen would eventually move into a full-out belly rub. That’s hardly even new any more. And she loves to be brushed==Aspen that is.
So over all, I would have to say the wild winter wind has tamed down–at least inside my house. Outside it seems so much fiercer.

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