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Christmas typewriter BLOG


Christmas greetings. As I write this, it is less than a week from Christmas. Where I live, we seldom see snow, compared to where I used to live. It has been cold lately, though rumor has it the temperatures are supposed to rise again in the next few days.

I came upon this pretty picture sometime this summer and thought it would be  nice for a Christmas post. I love the old typewriter. Back then I had no clue how I would tie it to a post, and I am still not sure. I just like the photo.

However, looking at it, and listening to my friend chat on the phone, all got me to thinking. Mostly how Christmas has changed for me over the years. In times past, I loved the snow and the decorations, the songs and the celebration.

Well, the mounds of fluffy white stuff is now confined to memories and pictures.  I still decorate, though last year I had just moved into a new house literally a few weeks before and released two books within the two months before Christmas. I was too exhausted to decorate much then. This year I have put out two more books, both on December 2nd, with much promotional work to be done. This is alongside my already jam-packed schedule of working full time and other writing commitments. Frankly, I just lack the energy and drive to go too crazy with decorations, though the tree is pretty tonight.

Songs? I love Christmas songs, and have many favorites. Today I listened to the classic show on the radio and they played four hours of old time Christmas carols and classic favorites. I heard many I liked and some I had forgotten about, or at least who sang them.

That brings me to celebration. I don’t gather at a big table, alongside countless family. Nor do I meet at a restaurant with a group of my friends. My holiday celebration is a quiet, simple affair, often spent in retrospection. I do believe my Christmas day will go something like this:

I’ll rise at daybreak and after breakfast and two cups of coffee, will take my dog to the national forest. We will have the place to ourselves except for the wildlife we might scare away. I will sit by the river, deep in contemplation, prayer and meditation. I will return  home and journal my thoughts and feelings. Currently, I am on Chapter Nine of writing my journal. I’ve been there since October of 2014. I keep waiting for the sign it’s time to close out chapter nine and begin the next one.

At some point I will try a skype call to my dad, who lives abroad. We don’t see each other much so emails and skype keep us close. With the time zone thing, calls can be tricky. We’re planning it now. And in the early afternoon, I will join with friends and enjoy a delicious meal over great company.

In the evening, I will work, much like I am now, on the computer, the modern day counterpart to the trusty old typewriter. I will also spend a fair bit of time staring at the lit tree, contemplating the real reason for Christmas. It isn’t the presents, the food or anything else except the celebration and acknowledgment of Christ’s birth in Bethlehem.

At some point, I will retire to bed with a good book. Being both a writer and a reader, I love curling up with a few cats and a well written book. Nowadays I can do hand held or lap top versions. I prefer holding a real book and will probably opt for that. Max Lucado has a nice book, it’s on my shelf, that wonderfully tells the story of Christmas. I might dust it off and reread that again.

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Today is my first day working off a week of 3rd “graveyard” shift nights topped off with a second shift cap. So today I feel pretty much like worn out rubber and am about as productive. It has not helped my beloved birdy buddy, Taz, made it until Thursday before he warped out on me about how distressing his life is with the hours turned completely upside down. Why couldn’t I get his frustrations that 7:30 AM is time for getting OUT of the cage, not remaining still locked IN it?? Hello? By Friday morning he became a screaming demon at both his frustrations and my apparent ignorance.

Truthfully, I got it, really, but we just weren’t talking the same language. He is marginally better today as long as I am nearby.  And I did try to take a nap earlier but sweet senile Scrapper woke me up within that first hour by thoroughly flooding the bed in urine. So I abandoned the silly notion of sleep, pushed the bedding the washer and the dog in the tub and was glad I got the order right as I added soap and water to both.

And now, as day slowly turns to dusk and my mind turns to mush, I contemplate Christmas. We are so close, having entered the full spread of the season. It’s everywhere you turn. And it appears to me we, as a Christian, have also entered what could be considered our busiest wartime of year. This is when people are most vulnerable to having their hearts softened and being convicted. They are constantly bombarded by the true reason for the season–the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Think about it, it’s on a large portion of the Christmas cards we send out, paper we wrap gifts in, songs heralded on the radio, stories told, books sold and heaven knows we pray harder now for those on our hearts at this time. At least I seem to be. Therefore, it also stands, that with all that sublime suggestion, hearts soften and maybe we win the battle for a few souls. New Christians are born in this time we celebrate Christ’s birth. Ironic and proper. However, just as we work harder this time of year for the souls in our lives and paths, so do the dreaded enemies of Christ.

They sure don’t want any hearts and souls won right now. So they work harder as well to outwit our suggestive efforts and inject their own poisonous spin on why this is not a Merry Christmas season but just a commercial holiday in which to spend and self indulge or whatever personal pleasure we’re after this time. I suppose losing any soul to Christ is bad enough in their book but it must be doubly insulting to lose them at Christmas time. Hence the open war right now which is present if you open your eyes and ears to what is going on around you. Perhaps it is what has transpired to and within and around me all through this year that has made me a little more sensitive to it this year, and more willing to explore it since I have been so exhausted this week in particular.

Whatever the cause, I will continue to pray and plead for the names on my heart and the faces in my mind. I can think of no better gifts to give this year to loved ones than true and lasting peace of eternal love and the gift to Jesus Christ for being a good and faithful disciple for Him.

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