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I was prepared to like this story. The cover is great. The story-line is promising. I settled in for a memorable read. In the end, “Shattered Lies” did not live up to its promise. While I hate to bad talk any author’s work, I was disappointed with this book.

The main character, Kate Thayer, came across as immature. A divorced, thirty-year-old veterinarian, I had high hopes for her. Yet I never saw her working as at vet. She was only around the esteemed family horses one time, for a couple of pages. She allegedly was supposed to be running the family farm, yet I never read where she actually did anything. So in the end, I am not sure what exactly Kate does. At 30, most women are fairly mature, yet her family continued to treat her as a child. One even continually called her ‘Child’ instead of by her given name. The length of the book should have easily allowed room for building up Kate’s daily work routines.

Kate’s grandmother, Katherine, clearly doted on Kate, which is normal. However, the constant repeat of “darling’ multiple times in each sentence wore thin quickly.

The premise, that horrible things happened the day of Kate’s birth, and were kept from her, allures to the fact she is still considered a child. The lies that were told could have been gently, and truthfully, shared long before Kate stumbled across them. One relative leaks a nugget, and she finds a hidden gem, and Kate is literally off and running. Finally, once the whole, sordid truths come out, the guilty parties cannot stop beating themselves over the head with it all. Endless pages were dedicated to repeating their crimes, and repeating their crimes, and repeating…. I ended up skipping pages just to reach the end.

The racial issues also bothered me with the repetitiveness. It did nothing to endure most the characters to me and the use of Capital Letters B and W was confusing.

My apologies to S.J. Francis, however, I am required to post an honest review. “Shattered Lies” just wasn’t for me


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