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I just stood out on my porch and watched the rain fall in heavy sheets. It was wholly refreshing and relaxing. It was perhaps the second time all year I have had such a pleasant experience. When I bought my home in 2014, the porch was one of the big selling points. Then, I could already see myself nestled under a throw, cradling a cuppa tea while either scribbling away at my latest literary work, journaling, or simply–like today–watching the rain drop.

The first couple of years I did just that in regular batches. This year, sadly, I have not had the time. Why? Because I have been caught up in a whirlwind.

A whirlwind is described as a vortex (vertically rotating column) of wind forms due to instabilities and turbulence made by heating (air temperature) and flow (current gradients). Okay, what that technical mouthful means to me is a whirlwind is what occurs when air and things heat up, creating instability and turbulence, which in turn forms a strong rotating column of wind that whirls around, creating havoc and damage.

Yup, that about sums it up. It is bearing down on me, growling like a mad bear, claws at the ready. And I just stand there, too busy, tired, fed up, etc… to do much of anything. Certainly not smart enough to take solace on a wicker sofa with a cup of coffee (and probably something chocolate) on a rainy day.

Sound familiar?  We get busy with this and that and more and still more, and before we know it, the simple pleasures of life have slipped by and we wonder why haven’t we done this more recently. Just look how fast the pages of the calendar turn. I know each calendar’s days are numbered, but come on now. I am still waiting for April to get here so I can tear up the brick in the courtyard and fix a sagging patch. April? Next week I’ll be facing July in the eyes.

We can probably all lament about what our own personal whirlwind is. Mine is responsibility. I have come to see that as a character flaw. I have a full-time job, usually cracking around 44-45 hours a week. I pet sit and dog walk around that, usually around 15-18 hours a week. And my time around those two are devoted to writing tasks.

My second release of the year just came out this week and I am in the middle of a virtual blogging tour. There is a giveaway I am posting about for my romantic suspense novel that just turned one-year-old. There are two more novels coming out in November so there is covers, blurbs, hooks, and tags to work on before edits begin. I am in the middle of first round edits for my first-ever self published non-fiction book, based on the journey with my PTSD dog. Let me just say the world between self-publishing and traditional house publishing is vast indeed. Vast. And should I tire of any of those endless tasks I can always update blog, website, media pages, newsletters,  ads, etc… And should I run out of ideas there, I can always work on my latest work-in-progress. Right now I am about 20,000 words into a time travel romance novel. Roughly a quarter of the way done with the first rough draft.

And any time beyond all of that above is spent doing what zillions of others do. Clean the house, do the laundry, pay the bills, go shopping, brush the dog, fill the bird feeders, visit friends, call family, plus cooking and somewhere in there, sleeping.  Admittedly, everyone’s list of whirlwind activities will look a little different, but we all have them. The point is, we get so caught up in where we have to be, doing what we have to do, seeing who we have to see, that we feel the whirlwind of life swirl around us, and pick us up, and whisk us away from the pleasurable things that we need to keep us grounded, stable, and sane.  Like sitting on the porch and watching the rain fall. Or sitting by the river watching the river bubble past. Or whatever restores your sanity and breath.

This past week, I was doing a drop in visit at a client’s house and was petting a cat on the chin. Kitty loved it so I lingered, chatting and scratching while kitty purred in bliss. A thought struck me and I said it to kitty: “I always thought I was slowly going insane. Now I realize I am on the express freight train instead.”

Kitty didn’t care. Kitty was in his own personal moment of comfortable bliss.

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Actually, I had thought it was March that was supposed to have the lion/ lamb metaphor. However, for me, it’s all February.

I have now enjoyed two warm showers and washed two loads of laundry– including my much ignored sheets. (Ahhhh, I can’t wait to feel those clean babies tonight). bed




The ‘check engine’ light on my Jeep was some relay switchy thing. $137 bill on top of yesterday’s bill from all the plumbing work.

jeep liberty

I had failed to mention also sometime this month the overhead light stopped working in my 40 gallon fish aquarium. This is the one with live plants, snails and fish. I had thought it was just a burned bulb. When I went to change it out, the entire hood fixture was fried, actually slightly scorched in one place. So the poor critters had to live without light for a couple of weeks while I ordered and waited for a $50 replacement. That came this week.

But this month has not been all bad. My beloved Muldoone has continued to slowly gain weight, up to twelve pounds now. Three more to go to reach his original ‘fighting weight’.
And my mechanic is gracious enough to let me charge the repairs today so that was a blessing as well. Plus I will have clean sheets tonight.

So, with a grateful heart and some trepidation I will turn the page on the calendar. Let’s all pray for lots of lambs this coming month.

baby lamb

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It has occurred to me today, that God sometimes pushes or pulls us through various stages of our lives. Actually. since He’s present at every stage, I am referring to ones specifically for His plan. Some stages or periods of time– years maybe– are smooth, easy and tranquil. They are full of possibilities, sunshine and brightness. And He is there enjoying it along side of us as we bask in the warm glow of goodness.

And then it seems He feels it is time to bring us out of that, to maybe bring us back. Perhaps we have grown complacent. I can be guilty of that. Perhaps we have stepped over to sin. Perhaps we have rebelled. Whatever we have done or not done, it is now time for God to shake us out of our happy little tranquility daze.

And it occurred to me He often does this by bodily throwing us into a storm-tossed sea. I have a wallpaper picture on the computer of a clipper ship under sail. It’s in the dark, swirling waters all around, waves breaking over the bow, threatening clouds, flashing lighting and the ship, so big and strong, is helplessly tossed like a toy in the storm.

Ah, how many times do I go back there? Feel like that? Several, that’s why I keep the picture. Way too many times I have felt just like that clipper ship being tossed to and fro in the storms of life.

But God seems to take us there for a purpose. And by deliberate design. I thought about it and sometimes it’s a physical illness or condition. Sometimes it is work or job related. Sometimes it’s family issues. Sometimes it could be the result of really bad choices. There could be lots of reasons we get tossed out into the storm. Either way, God has now taken us out there to the deep end of the storm and dropped us off–sink or swim time– or something like that.

We can flounder and fight it out on our own. We probably won’t get far. We probably will end up going down with the ship. Yeah, I’ve done that before, metaphorically speaking. Or we can learn to depend on Him through faith, believing that this period of insanity is serving some Higher purpose  Believing He is still with us in the height of the storm just as He was way back in the glow of goodness.

And, in the end, once we finally make it make it back to calmer waters, hopefully we have used that time in the storm to grow in our understanding of God, grown closer to Him, grown wiser in life and His plan for our life and maybe impacted others around us, witnessing our struggles.

Then the cycle seems to continue. We get to experience that soothing period of tranquility. We can catch our breath. Hopefully we don’t become complacent or wayward. Because up ahead there is a waterfall, a big one, and it is going to plunge us straight into the deep end of the maelstrom again.

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