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After years of work, I am so thrilled to finally announce that book 1 of the “Winds of Destiny” series is released! Drum roll…. Introducing “River’s Journey”

River Gallagher loves three things—her family, Frank Finn, and her hometown. Her property management career is going great, or at least it was until Calder Finn arrives in town. His rash plans threaten her and the future of everyone in Sweetwater Harbor, NC.

Calder Finn returns home to settle his father’s estate. But not only is his father still alive, he has a wild and beautiful guardian. River not only threatens Finn’s intention for a quick escape, she also questions his beliefs. Something very few people have ever done before.

Tempers flare and personalities clash until an uneasy alliance is forged—at least temporarily.

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Here is a little excerpt from “River’s Journey”, where River and Calder are discussing their thoughts about falling in love:

Are you telling me you would never marry a man if it were just mutually beneficial between you? Is that what you are implying?” he challenged her, bringing his palms back to the tabletop.
She shook her head, moving tangled hair out of the way. “No, I would only marry for true love and nothing less.”
He envied her confident answer. Yet, it explained why this tumultuous woman was still single. However, his curiosity won out. “Okay, and what do you consider nothing less than true love?” Was there even such a thing?
She smiled.
Her smile was the first real smile he’d seen from her. Almost dreamy, it slammed into his chest with all the tenderness of a bulldozer. He counted the seconds until he could force a shallow breath back into his lungs. One…two…three…four…five… Would she ever answer him?
“That’s hard to put into words. It’s more something two people will feel when destiny speaks, and they are the right two.”
He could have almost laughed, if he had been able to breathe properly. “Then you think it’s destiny that makes two people fall in love?”
“No. I think destiny brings them together. They fall in love because they are meant to.”
Ah, crystal clear, considering it was coming from her. “Well, that is an interesting point of view, I suppose.” He brushed off any crumbs that might be on the table or stuck in the scarred ridges. “However, my arrangement with Miss Jordon is my business and none of yours, so kindly keep your opinions to yourself.”
“You asked.”

 Book 2, “Storm’s Warning” is currently in edits, book 3, “Raine’s Promise” is waiting for edits, book 4, “Winter’s Wish” is my next work in progress, and I am outlining books 5 and 6! Did I mention how stoked I am to finally have this series underway? 

Here is the best part…In honor of this series launch, I am turning my website into a treasure hunt. Yes! Go over to my website, http://www.ryanjosummers.com and read through it looking for answers to the following questions. (Trust me, this is super simple and quick to do). To enter, just email me from the ‘Contact’ tab and give me the correct answers. I will draw five random readers to each win $10 Amazon gift cards.

Here are the particulars:
1… Readers must find answers to questions (below) on author’s website, and contact author with right answers using ‘Contact” form on website. 
  2…Author will randomly select five (5) correct entries. Each random winner will receive a $10 Amazon gift card. Entrants must leave a contact method for author to let winner know.
3… Last day to enter is midnight, Monday, March 22, 2021. Winners will be notified by March 24th, 2021     4 .. Questions are:
               —Name of my official office assistant
               —Name of song I wrote for “Cinnamon’s Courageous Heart”
               —Name of dog on the cover of “Ty’s Journey”
               —Give one hobby listed on the ‘About Ryan Jo Summers’ page
               —What title earned the US Review of Books Silver Star of Recommendation?
Good luck!

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