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My day job is in the security sector. Loss Prevention specifically. Many of my department co-workers have come from law enforcement or are using this job as a stepping stone to enter law enforcement.  As such, I’ve been privy to some of their classes and find them quite interesting. One such class a co-worker was taking dealt with criminal justice and report writing.

I liked that course because there were videos to watch–skits to help drive the lessons home. One dealt with a hapless detective who was hopeless at report writing. His superior called him into the office one day to discuss a recent report he had submitted. It was dated April 31st. The superior could not find that day on the calendar. When pressed, neither could the detective. The superior started reading sketchy parts of the report, asking for better details or clarification. One such item was this: “April or May, seen bad stuff.”

I love that line. It is hilarious in its vagueness, but also encapsulates how I write. The detective was asked about his method of note taking. He produced several scraps of crinkled papers from his pockets, all with some obscure or incomplete note scribbled on it. The superior officer was not impressed. I agree. To take a legal document to the D.A. to prosecute someone, the report needs to be letter-perfect and accurate.

When writing a fictional story, we can get away with “seeing bad stuff” in “April or May”. That line has become a long-standing joke with my co-worker regarding my note-taking while writing a story or observations at work. Exhibit A:

and  Exhibit B:

This one was actually scribbled as a ‘go back and add’ afterthought and then stapled to the page where it needed to go.  This is a typical example of how I write.

These piles of scribbled notes in the top picture are from my novella “Crazy Woman Creek” recently completed and submitted to Limitless Publishing for their anthology, ‘Craving: Country’, due out in Jan 2018. They are not much to look at here, sort of like some bad stuff, but they turned into a great little story.

What is even more thought-provoking is the origins of the story itself. I’d been experiencing some events around the house lately that made me want to let my ‘Crazy Woman’ out (the one who lives deep inside me). On my way to work, I needed to let her out for a bit in order to arrive at work in a half-way decent state of mind. So I wrote some paragraphs to rant my anger and frustration at the situation. Finished, I felt better. The Crazy Woman went back inside where she belongs.

A few days later I noticed the call for submissions from Limitless. The requirement was the story had to be country themed. I spent a few days wondering what partial or idea I had that could be considered now, or could become, ‘country’. Actually, taking my angry rant and building on was not that difficult.  Writing to meet the timeline is the reason, however, that I have neglected my social media life for a few weeks.

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Hello everyone. This is a blog tour that I was invited to join by Lanora Mangano.  http://findinglanora.weebly.com/lanoras-lanotes. This is part of the “My Writing Process” blog tour. My apologies, as this was scheduled to be out yesterday, instead I got my dates twisted around (just like my writing) So, without further ago, here we go–following are four questions about my writing process:

1–what am I working on? Currently I have a full work load. I am working on the first rounds of edits for my third book, When Clouds Gather, slated to come out November by Soul Mate Publishing. I am writing three different novels. One is a young adult/new adult book, which is about 2/3 completed with the first draft. One is the second story of a trilogy about three sisters finding love in a small North Carolina coastal town and the last is still in the plotting/ developing stages though I think it will be a literary fiction novel.

2–how does my work differ from others of its genre? I like to mix and blend genres. Since I am interested in so many things, it’s hard to simply write with one theme. My debut book, Whispers in her Heart, was romance, but I had to include paranormal and mystery in equal measures. The first book with Soul Mate, Shimmers of Stardust,  is Christian romance, but it includes time travel with a bit of western lore. I recently finished a rough draft of a romance that included shape shifting and sunken treasure.  It’s like taking all these cool parts of books and tossing them into a blender, just for the fun of shaking them up.

3–why do I write what I do? I like to see two people fall in love and work through all the obstacles in their paths. Sometimes that could be their own views and experiences and sometimes its obstacles created by others or events. Ultimately though, they have to find love. It’s a beautiful thing. However, by incorporating other elements like time travel into Christian views or bringing in shape shifting or paranormal or mystery, it helps keep things exciting and makes the characters work harder.

4–how does my writing process work? I begin with a review of the previous day’s work, maybe two days’ work. I look for wrong words, clutter, loose sentences, double periods and other things I missed before. Then I keep writing from there, adding mostly dialogue, another few scenes, whatever I can get down. Sometimes just one story, sometimes two or on a particularly creative day, all three books.

Then it’s time to leave for my day job. Literally as I am driving down the road, or maybe cooking at the stove, I will have a realization of the perfect word I had hunted for, scene I want to do next, snatch of dialogue, new character, you name it. Something always strikes me at weird moments. So I scribble it all down and save it until I can get back to my desktop. Future scenes are tucked into three ring binders until I get to those parts. Each day the process more or less repeats.

Okay, up next are two more authors, who will post on their blogs June 9th. Angela  Scavone  and Tasha Taylor. Angela lives in Ontario Canada, sharing her home with her father, an evil cat and a much loved trio of pups. She currently works for the Board of Education behind the scenes, supporting and analyzing student data. However, in her spare time, apart from her love of storytelling, she likes to read and spend time with family and friends.

Angela’s web and blog is http://angelascavone.com  Her Twitter handle is @busterwhyte. Her book is A Journey Home.

Tasha Tayloeis a UK based author, who on the approach to turning 40 a few years ago, decided to dust off some floppy disks, dig out some old notebooks and turn her hand to what she loved doing in her teens and early 20-s–writing. Working full time and her family–including man, boy, dog, cat, fish and any number of waifs and strays–human or otherwise–who happened to keep her busy, but writing is her not-so-secret passion. When asked what would be her perfect day (once everyone was fed, watered, happy and busy doing whatever they do), Tasha said (with a blissful smile) a lay-in, cheese on toast, long hot bath and as much time as she wanted to day dream and write, until it was time for bed. Other hobbies include baking, social media and people watching.

Tasha’s web/ blog is https://tashataylor.weebly.com. Her Twitter handle is @tashatayls. Her Facebook site is https”facebook.com/TashaTaylorAuthor. Her Goodreads address is http://www.goodreads.com.Tasha_Taylor and her Amazon address is http:www.amazon.com.uk/-/e/BOODBW9WXA. Her book is called Alex’s Return–Secrets of St. Sebastian.

Both Angela and Tasha will post their Writing Process on their blogs on June 9th. Be sure to check them out! I just bet they will be fascinating!

Thank you, Lanora, for this opportunity. It was great fun. If you have a chance, everyone, please check out my website at http://www.ryanjosummers.com or my facebook author page.




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I am so exited to announce next week will be a new adventure here on the ol’ blog.

I have been invited by one of my Soul Mate Publishing authors to partake in a ‘My Writing Process’ blog tour. Thank you to Lanora  for sharing this with me.

And in turn I get to share it with even more Soul Mate fellow authors– or Mateys as we sometimes refer to ourselves as.

So the dates are set, My date to be here is June 2nd. The questions are asked. The timer is set. I will see you back here on Monday, June 2nd, if not before. Spread the word!


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